Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Intro

Welcome to "That Deprecated Linux Machine", that little blog with snippets about milking the most out of your Linux desktop experience.
The snippets will be as concise as possible, since that way they will be easier to navigate as a quick reference and I will be more likely to write them in the first place.
The primary tenets of this blog are:

- using open-source software
- using Debian GNU/Linux (although a lot of the things can be used in other distributions)
- using the KISS principle as much as possible (this will even include some scripting (bash, perl, python) to facilitate a leaner automation experience and reduce the reliance on UI which in time may or may not be available or running smoothly on older systems)
- portability is not much of a goal on this site, but I always try to at least have inter-distro compatibility
- there won't be much hand-holding here, sorry. However, I make it a habit to give further reading by linking to key elements (a lot of those might be Debian specific wiki links for instance)

I hope this will be useful.

Some further preliminary reading - some of it frighteningly indoctrinating :P :

Open-source and Linux in general

"The Cathedral and the Bazaar" - Eric Steven Raymond

Debian GNU/Linux

- Debian FAQ
- The Debian Social Contract
- The very lovely Debian Wiki
- Debian Reference (A bit of an intermediate read which will teach you a wide range of skills, from package management to little admin scripts)

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